HP Easy Scan App Reviews

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Not working with HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125nw

Unable to make it work with HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125nw and Mavericks. By the way HP must do something for their customer. Nor HP Scan Nor HP Easy Scan can be used with my multi function device, making it useless. Shame on HP.

good program, poor performance

The program itself is good, but every second or third scan gives me an error. The program initiates the scanner to start scanning, the scanner indicates it’s going to scan, then there’s an error code indicating communiction lost.


Doesnt even detect my HP multifunction scanner/copier/printer

works well

Works well. Takes very high quality scans as default. Should be set before you start scan. The scanner can take a while because of this

Worked Only Once then quit

I obtained the app as a suggestion from the HP Support page after I decided to give up on the regular instructions and tutorials for HP’s own scanning software for HP Deskjet 2542, (less than a year old). I could not find instructions as to how to create a pdf with more than one page. I needed to scan 26 pages to one pdf file and none of the instrucitons on the HP support page indicated how to do that. But this app promised to be able to do that and it the preview page seemed to have understandable instructions. So I “downloaded it” (got if from the app store) and proceeded to scan 26 pages successfully. I rejoyced! But I have another 26 page document to scan. Trouble ahead! I followed the same instructions but after clicking on “Scan” I received an error message: “Scanner reported an error. HP Deskjet 2540 series is currently unavailable. Please check if itis turned on and connected, or try again later.” How disappointing! I am sitting beside the HP Deskjet 2540 and it IS available. No one else is using it. It IS connected and turned on (print function works well.) The App page within the APP store contains no support except a link to the general HP support web page where the first question is what sort of product you are using. I give up. So: Bad rating: Only works once and then produces uninteligible error message. No effective support. Don’t bother with it.

version 1.6.0

This new version just does not want to download so I cannot update.

Does not reconize my scanner

I have a HP Officejet Pro 8630 which the mac reconizes, but this app does not see it. I have no problen scanning using the IP address from the printer.

works perfectly on my el capitan

I don’t understand why this is not ranked higher in stars, I downloaded it, it automatically connected to my scanner and all I had to do was press scan. Then it gives you the option to send the files to your computer or print it. Super easy and convenient.

Works with latest OfficeJet Pro 8720

Works on El Capitan. Just tried this with OfficeJet Pro 8720. Does a good job of scanning. Happy with the software. Has advanced features like auto cropping of multiple images on a page and other such presets. Don’t understand the problems highlighted by other users. This version v1.4.0 from Oct-2015 works with my HP printer that I had just bought (OffceJet Pro 8720 in Jul-2016).

Works perfectly on Yosemite

I will honestly give this app 5 Star, it works pefectly okay, although I installed this app today after I had to return my macbook pro back to Yosemite from the all trouble El Capitan. The app identified the wirelessly connected hp scanner immediately and I could wirelessly scan, edit, crop resize, every function works just fine.

It Works Great

Before I downloaded this app, I could not wake up my scanner from the Mac, and I could not scan anything. I downloaded this app, and with it I was able to scan immediately. I don’t know what else a person would expect from a scanner app.

doesn’t work

Installed it, crashes immediately on loading. Sticking with HP Scan 3, which actually works.

Don’t Update

Installed update and it no longer works. Tries to run then times out with error message about unable to connect.

Image Capture.app is better, Yosemite

WTH? Did HP really write this? I’m really disappointed. This does not see my duplexing document feeder. The prefs are just how black/grey/whitethe background is. How to scan (ie resolution, text, photo, color, etc) have to be predefined in individual profiles that you can’t see the specs in unless you choose to edit it. It’s all there in plain sight in the OS included Image Capture .app HP Easy Scan is being trashed, then hidden in AppStore activity. Yosemite, HP Officejet Pro 8500

Update= scan failure

My easy scan auto updated 8/7/16 and now it no longer works. Tried printer and computer restarts and printer status and wireless status reports. Those reported no problems.

Didn’t work

Luckily it was free. I read the reviews and thought I would try to use it anyway…No luck! Waste of time!

All that this software does is scan

Just so you know: - This software does the same thing as Image Capture and System Preferences/Printers and Scanners - This software scans, but you need a separate OCR program to convert scanned pages to editable text - The OCR program which used to be bundled with the scanner is not available on the HP web site - PDF OCR X Communty Edition is a good solution, if that’s what you’re looking for. This is as of Aug 24, 2016, and after trying a couple of items in the App Store

HP = Hella Poor

What a poor piece of equipment and software. Don’t bother with it, might be easier just to go find yourself something made by someone else. Easy scan is worthless.

Awesome App

I would like to thank HP for this amazing app. it perfectly fits my HP Printer. For those who are saying that this app is not working, i would to share with them my bad experience with the built in scanner in mac. it is a shame for apple to provide such a poooooooooooor programmed scanner because it scans all papers in red color and with a weird angle in the scanned document.


The printer is online, and I can print wirelessly. However, I cannot scan. When I click “browse scanners” on this app, my scanner name does not come up. “HP Easy Scan Support” is no help.

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